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Get to know me

Welcome to Michiel’s Kitchen and thank you so much for visiting! My name is Michiel, I was born in The Netherlands and moved to London to study a few years ago, fell in love with the city, found a job and never left! On this blog I share a selection of my original recipes and adaptations of the best recipes by some of my favourite chefs with friends, family and hopefully many other passionate home cooks around the world! My favourite things to eat (and cook) are fresh homemade pasta and Dutch bacon and cheese pancakes, though I love discovering new recipes, flavour combinations and cuisines, so you can expect a bit of everything on this blog!

– Michiel Steur

Finding your way around Michiel’s Kitchen

Each article published on Michiel’s Kitchen is a recipe. Each article starts with a short (sometimes long!) introduction, followed by the recipe itself. The homepage shows all recipes, listed in chronological order. At the bottom of each article I list some related recipes I think you might like! In the recipe index, you can browse recipes by ingredient, cuisine or cooking method. If you’re looking for anything specific, click ‘search’ at the top right of this page.

Frequently asked questions

Who writes the recipes?
All recipes listed on this blog were written and created by Michiel. In some instances, they are inspired by or adapted from an existing recipe, in which case this will be clearly mentioned within the introduction of that article.

Who takes the pictures?
All pictures on Michiel’s Kitchen were taken by Michiel and Romain (also part time sous-chef!).

Who camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D5000 camera body with a 50mm f/1.4 lens.

How can I ask a question about your recipe?
I’m always happy to answer any question about my recipes! The easiest way to ask a question is by leaving a comment on the recipe article. Alternatively, you can contact me via social media or via the contact page on this website.

What do you know about cooking?
Good question! All I know is that I love doing it! I have a full time job and Michiel’s Kitchen is simply a fun hobby of mine I like to work on in my free time. I have no special professional training, but am a passionate home cook and love to share my recipes with others.

Where do you find inspiration for your recipes?
Firstly, whatever’s left in my fridge! Honestly, this is when the best recipes are created. Besides experimenting a lot with my favourite flavours and ingredients, I love collecting cook books, reading other recipe blogs, taking recipe cards at the local grocery store and browsing social media.

Are you on social media?
Yes, you can follow Michiel’s Kitchen on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Can I share or publish your recipes or pictures?
Sharing is caring and I’m pretty flexible, though I do require you to ask for permission in advance. The easiest way to contact me is by sending me a message via the contact page. I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible!