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Recipe for homemade French madeleines

Homemade French madeleines

Truth is, there’s actually quite a few good store-bought madeleines on the market, but nevertheless, the homemade version just feels truly special and extra luxurious. These French, shell-shaped sponge cakes are a lot easier to make than you might think. The secret to its light, spongy and slightly sticky texture is whipping the eggs and sugar and adding just the right amount of honey. To achieve this beautiful shape, you’ll of course need a non-stick madeleine pan, though if ...

Cinnamon chocolate mousse recipe

Cinnamon chocolate mousse

If you like your chocolate mousse super light and creamy, this one isn’t for you. But if you like your chocolate desserts rich, indulgent and extremely chocolatey, you will love my cinnamon chocolate mousse recipe. This chocolate mousse is definitely more on the thick side, and simply the ultimate treat for a true chocolate lover. It’s also incredibly easy to make, with very few ingredients. High-quality dark chocolate, a few eggs, sugar and a touch of cinnamon are all you need! ...