Recipes from a passionate home cook

Author: Michiel Steur

Recipe for vegetarian cauliflower fritters

Cauliflower fritters

I’ve never been the biggest fan of cauliflower’s taste, but the texture of this ingredient makes it incredibly versatile and there is so much more you can do with this vegetable than simply boil it. Recently I experimented with cauliflower when I wanted to create a new recipe, and I was pleasantly surprised these homemade cauliflower fritters turned out so deliciously at first attempt! You can experiment with this recipe endlessly, and flavour these however you like, but I found the below ...

Recipe for crispy homemade paprika and rosemary croutons

Crispy homemade paprika and rosemary croutons

I eat bread daily and love it in all its shapes and forms, and it is rare for me to have any left over. But when I do, it’s always a feast, as it either means I will make some yummy French toast next morning, or that I get to make some delicious homemade crispy seasoned croutons! There are a few reasons why I like homemade croutons. Firstly, it allows you to experiment with many different flavours. Secondly, you can make them more chunky and the irregular shapes make them taste so good. ...

Mum’s chicken satay

Chicken satay! My ultimate comfort food. So easy to make and packed with flavour. Originally an Indonesian and Malaysian recipe, but I know many countries have their different version of this recipe, and the recipe below is by no means traditional, just simply delicious! The secret to the perfect chicken satay is Ketjap Manis, a sweet Indonesian soy sauce. This really isn’t hard to find and you’ll usually see this in the oriental section of big supermarkets. Avoid substituting at all cost, ...