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Oven-baked Tomato Eggs Recipe

Italian oven-baked tomato brunch eggs

If you are anything like me and live for Italian food, you will have no issue with some freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese in the morning. I’m very into savoury breakfasts anyway, and also a longtime fan of oven-baked eggs, so this recipe for Italian-inspired oven-baked eggs in tomato is right up my street and a great vegetarian alternative to the ham and egg puff pastry tarts I shared with you previously. Anything oven-baked for breakfast or brunch somehow feels very special, ...

Recipe for breakfast waffles with bacon and syrup

Breakfast waffles with bacon and syrup

Weekend mornings in my flat call for warm breakfasts. And bacon, lots of bacon. Although this recipe for breakfast waffles with bacon and syrup is one of my true morning favourites, I don’t serve these often enough as I always forget how easy it is to make them. Don’t make that mistake, as once you’ve practised a few times, you can whip these up in no time! Waffles come in all shapes and textures. Mine are super light, soft and fluffy, as opposed to dense and crispy, ...