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Cinnamon chocolate mousse recipe

Cinnamon chocolate mousse

If you like your chocolate mousse super light and creamy, this one isn’t for you. But if you like your chocolate desserts rich, indulgent and extremely chocolatey, you will love my cinnamon chocolate mousse recipe. This chocolate mousse is definitely more on the thick side, and simply the ultimate treat for a true chocolate lover. It’s also incredibly easy to make, with very few ingredients. High-quality dark chocolate, a few eggs, sugar and a touch of cinnamon are all you need! ...

Chocolate and peanut clusters (Dutch: 'pindarotsjes') recipe

Chocolate peanut rocks

While I was born and raised in The Netherlands and, living in London, I often crave my favourite Dutch snacks, I don’t make traditional Dutch recipes that often. When it comes to full meals, Dutch cuisine is somewhat limited and has never been my favourite, but snacks and treats are a completely different story as my home country makes the very best! Previously I shared with you my recipe for Dutch apple and cinnamon pie, and one of my other favourite Dutch treats has to be these ...

Recipe for Cappuccino coffee espresso chocolate brownies

Cappuccino brownies

To say that I am a cappuccino fan would be an understatement. About a year ago, I exchanged my beloved morning strong black coffees and espressos for this deliciously foamy and yummy Italian morning drink and since, my obsession with cappuccino has kind of gotten out of control. As a result, I wanted to create a cappuccino-flavoured recipe, and it made the perfect inspiration for this recipe for cappuccino brownies. Coffee and chocolate has long been a favourite pairing in my baking, and ...

Recipe for Coconut Macaroons with Chocolate and Pistachio

Coconut macaroons with chocolate and pistachio

Today is my birthday, and while I’ll be more likely to indulge in a traditional Dutch apple and cinnamon pie, it felt appropriate to publish a sweet treat I love today, and my coconut macaroons with chocolate and pistachio recipe makes exactly that! Coconut macaroons are widely available in the biscuit aisle of any grocery store in The Netherlands where I grew up, but I don’t seen them in the UK nearly as often. They really are fantastic and luckily so incredibly easy to bake at ...