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Courgette and parmesan puff pastry tarts

This recipe for courgette and parmesan puff pastry tarts is great for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are full of flavour but require very little ingredients. Secondly, they feel kind of special but really take no time at all. But perhaps most importantly, they are really fun to make and completely scalable depending on the course or occasion! Looking for a fun canapé? Make small squares and top with one or two of zucchini slices. A delicious starter or side? The sizes used in the recipe ...

Recipe for pea and ricotta ravioli with fresh mint pesto

Pea and ricotta ravioli with mint pesto

Ah, very little feels more rewarding than a delicious plate of fresh homemade filled pasta after hours of hard work in the kitchen. Admittedly, no matter how often you practise, making fresh pasta (and filled pasta in particular) takes a lot of time and effort. It is however really not very difficult, and if you have enough time and patience, it can be a stress-free process (though I’ll be honest and tell you this is rarely the case for me). I already shared with you my recipe for ...