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Recipe for homemade spinach tortellini with butternut squash filling and sage

Homemade spinach tortellini with butternut squash filling and sage

Today I’m sharing with you a recipe of mine that I believe to be a true showstopper! I am a big fan of green spinach pasta, largely because of its beautiful and bright colour, for which I shared my recipe with you over here and I had the idea to use this for a tortellini dish. For this recipe, I wanted create a filling equally as bright but contrasting in colour to have a little ‘surprise element’ once you cut into these tortellini’s. I instantly thought of butternut ...

Carrot risotto with cherry tomatoes

I love risottos and while there are countless variations, I tend to stick to the same three flavours. At home, I’ll either make tomato or mushroom risotto, and eating out it would be unusual for me to skip a golden Risotto Milanese if I find it on the menu. Recently I tried to find a different take on risotto and got inspired by seeing some recipes with carrot as the main ingredient, but couldn’t find the perfect one so decided to try and make my own recipe for carrot and tomato ...

Recipe for vegetarian cauliflower fritters

Cauliflower fritters

I’ve never been the biggest fan of cauliflower’s taste, but the texture of this ingredient makes it incredibly versatile and there is so much more you can do with this vegetable than simply boil it. Recently I experimented with cauliflower when I wanted to create a new recipe, and I was pleasantly surprised these homemade cauliflower fritters turned out so deliciously at first attempt! You can experiment with this recipe endlessly, and flavour these however you like, but I found the below ...