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Recipe for apple and cinnamon puff pastry tart

Rapid apple and cinnamon tart

For me, there is no better sweet treat than an apple pie or tart. I have shared with you my recipe for my traditional Dutch apple and cinnamon pie, and while that is and remains my favourite apple baking recipe, with 30 minutes of prep and 65 minutes of oven time, it isn’t exactly quick to make. This is where my rapid apple and cinnamon puff-pastry tart recipe comes in. The most important thing in this recipe is to ensure the apples are sliced in the correct thickness. You want these ...

Recipe for Cappuccino coffee espresso chocolate brownies

Cappuccino brownies

To say that I am a cappuccino fan would be an understatement. About a year ago, I exchanged my beloved morning strong black coffees and espressos for this deliciously foamy and yummy Italian morning drink and since, my obsession with cappuccino has kind of gotten out of control. As a result, I wanted to create a cappuccino-flavoured recipe, and it made the perfect inspiration for this recipe for cappuccino brownies. Coffee and chocolate has long been a favourite pairing in my baking, and ...

Dutch apple and cinnamon pie

The smell of this Dutch apple and cinnamon pie with vanilla and lemon instantly brings up so many good childhood memories, and is also the very reason this recipe should be your next baking experiment. When I was little, we used to bake some version of this recipe for occasions ranging from a family birthday to simply a rainy Sunday afternoon and was very much loved by my whole family, and still is. It is very simple to make and truly foolproof, but to me the combination of the sweetness, ...